Why Choose Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, & Organic Kids Clothes?

Why Choose Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, & Organic Kids Clothes?

Published by Angie W. on May 9th 2019

Ok moms....all this talk about "sustainable" "ethical" "organic"....but do we actually know what it means and its  alternate effects? These days, it seems as if consumers are always searching for the "best bargain" or "sale of the week".... and respectfully so, with the rising prices of fashionable trendy items. Do we realize the impact we can have by considering and choosing ethical and sustainable when possible?? Not only can we help make the planet a little better, but we can instill these values in our kids starting at a young age.

Let's first talk about "ethically made". This means that suppliers pay fair wages, they maintain a safe working environment, and guarantee that no child labor is allowed within their factories. That being said, here are a few issues to think about...

You probably are aware that the majority of textiles sold in the USA are manufactured overseas, but did you know that in countries such as China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, child labor is rampant and children are paid less than a few dollars to work overtime? These overseas factories are highly polluted due to failing ventilation systems, and children are suffering serious illnesses from being exposed to fumes and chemicals used in producing synthetic fabrics!

Did you know that the clothing manufacturing industry has ties to sex trafficking?? Statistics show that there is an increasing number of women being lured into sex trafficking with promises of higher wages, thus making them more vulnerable.

Now let's talk "sustainable"....defined as- products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the environment from the extraction of raw materials until final disposal. So....how does this affect the kids fashion world? Well, the conventional cotton used to make tee shirts requires 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to make just ONE tee shirt!

Choosing kids clothes made from sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and certified organic cotton can greatly reduce the amount of damage on our environment.

The majority of UNSUSTAINABLE textiles that are used are made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers do NOT bio-degrade and they contribute to 30% of the 9.5 million tons of plastic polluting our oceans! And synthetic fibers break down much quicker. Kids clothes made from conventional and synthetic fabrics may be easier on your budget, but don't rely on them for more than a few washes, especially because most kids are hard on their clothes! Natural fibers like bamboo tend to get softer with every wash, and organic cottons are more durable and stand up to many washes.

Fellow moms and dads....hopefully all of this info will change your perspective on ethically made products! Remember the good you are doing for the earth and for your kids by choosing sustainable, ethically made, eco-friendly, and all natural kids clothes and products! 

The moral of the story here is.....


Whether it's made in the USA, ethically made, all natural, sustainable materials.....it's GREEN! Just as important.... small batches and the unique products we sell will inspire your kids self expression!